Alexandra Strömberg |Female Leader of the Future

This week we saw one of our own, Alexandra Strömberg, recognized as one of Sweden’s top 75 future female leaders (28th actually!). Being the 11th consecutive year Ledarna have compiled this list the amount of nominations […]

Actioning Sports & Wellness

Staying active through the seemingly never ending winter is a tough ask. Knowing exercise and health is valued by our employees Klarna recently established the Sport & Wellness Committee (S&W) to help solve this issue.  […]

The Ability of Global Mobility

At Klarna we are focused on aligning the organization’s global mobility strategy with the business and talent objectives. Enabling current employees to develop and talent to be discovered, the evolution of global mobility has encouraged […]

Women in Tech STHLM ’17

Klarna are a main sponsor of the Women in Tech Stockholm 2017 conference and we’re proud to announce it! Being a main sponsor gives us the opportunity to inspire more women to be involved in tech […]

Women for Leaders | Leaders for Klarna

Strength can be found in embracing and utilizing diversity. Encouraging this on a personal level and adoption into business life enables the possibility of progression and innovation. Gathering those passionate about diversity and their ability […]

Train your brain with our puzzling challenges!

Solving difficult challenges is a big part of our everyday life here at Klarna. Changing an industry doesn’t happen over a day and requires a lot of bright minds. Dive into one of the problems presented below […]

Working with Scrumban on a mature project

Choosing an agile way of working is not always straightforward. My team, one of the backend teams working with payments, has chosen to work with a version of Scrumban. It’s a way of working that […]

Customer Love Week: Putting Customers and Colleagues at the heart of Klarna

We aim to improve the way the world buys by putting our customers and employees at the heart of everything we do. That’s why it’s important for us to ensure a customer-centric mindset across all […]

Being a Business Analyst at Klarna Credit Risk

Hi Lina! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m Lina, 28 years old and originally from Gävle. I studied Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH in Stockholm and worked in digital media […]

The costume party erases boundaries

Here at Klarna we’re a global company where different departments and offices work closely together. The kick-off is one day of the year where everyone gathers together. It’s one of the many things we do to show our appreciation for everyone’s hard work throughout the year.