When Onno moved to Sweden to join Klarna as a Collection Agent four years ago, he knew some basic coding. But that wasn’t his day job, today he’s one of our Software Developers working within Engineering. His journey has been an extraordinary one and we recently took a few minutes to speak with him.

Hi Onno! Nice to meet you. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Onno, I’m 26 years old and originally from the Netherlands. I studied Criminology with a main focus on cybercrime and online communities. From a very young age I’ve been interested in anything that has to do with computers and technology. In my free time I enjoy cooking and I’m crazy for movies and tv-series. My colleagues would describe me as a team player, curious, stubborn, ambitious and persistent person who does not like to admit defeat and will continue until I find a solution to whatever problem at hand.

What’s your role here at Klarna?
I’m currently employed as a Software Developer working in Engineering mainly with Klarna’s communication and ensuring our customers receive their communication in a timely matter.

Is it true that you hadn’t coded before you started at Klarna?
I knew some basic coding before I started working at Klarna since I was automating my own work in my previous job. When I started working at Klarna I started reading up more on programming and started programming more at home. After my first change of position in Klarna I started automating tasks for Customer Service by building applications which were mainly designed to automate emails which were previously sent manually.

I was always focused on improving my code and the performance of the code and I’ve spent countless hours reading up on how I could improve my code and myself as a developer. Later on I started working more towards KRED and started reading up more on Erlang and eventually landed a job within one of the KRED teams.

You mention KRED, what is that?
KRED is the original engine that ran all of Klarna’s services. KRED is written in Erlang and has evolved over the years to provide Klarna with a stable platform for receiving and processing transactions for the Nordics and DACH.

So what are you currently working on?
One of the biggest projects that we’re currently working on is improving the throughput on our email send outs. There are days in the year that are particularly busy when it comes to email send outs and we’re working hard on ensuring that even on those days we meet the necessary SLA levels.

What do you think differentiates Klarna from other companies?
Klarna is a company where nothing is deemed impossible and if you work hard, others will notice your motivation and drive and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to grow within the company and get to do amazing stuff along the way!

Which is your favorite programming language/tool?
After I switched over to using Erlang I was trying out different IDE’s and text editors even though Emacs was the common one that was used within the different KRED teams. At first I didn’t like Emacs due to the many shortcuts but recently started to fall in love with it. Mainly due to EDTS which provides several extremely useful plugins for Erlang development.

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