You have just passed the screening for the role you’ve always wanted. The first interview is about to take place and you want to give them a good impression. Being in a hiring process can be very stressful, we know that. To ease your mind, our Recruiters gathered some of the best tips for you!

1. Do your research

Regardless if you have been headhunted or applied for the role, do some research on the company. Some ground research will make you stick out but it will also make you get the most out of the interview.

By understanding the qualities the company values you can reflect on concrete examples that describe the situations in which you previously demonstrated these qualities. Be concrete and factual in your answers. Listen to the question and answer them with concrete examples taken from your previous experience.

2. Know what to expect

Hiring processes in general involve working through a series of interviews and role related tasks. Make sure you understand the process ahead and what is expected of you before coming in. Ask your Recruiter if you’re unsure about anything at all.

3. Show who you are

We want to get to know who you are. Be honest and open about where your passion lies and drive is. What motivates you and what makes you lose motivation?

4. Come with some questions of your own

You are interviewing us, as much as we are interviewing you. Ask us what it’s really like to work here, what problems we’re solving and how we can help you achieve your goals.

5. Show the impact you’ve had

Titles and reporting lines are fine but what is much more important is what you actually did. Tell us in interviews and on your CV what your impact was. What was in place when you got there, what was there when you left and how did you affect that change?

6. Relax

The person interviewing is professional and has a great understanding for you to be nervous. Everyone can make mistakes during a job interview. If it happens, just take it easy and explain what you meant.

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