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What we are looking for.

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We love thinkers and doers. Whenever we meet people who are dreaming of the next big idea, we become excited.
We are passionate about developing our employees and creating an inspiring and energetic culture. We hold regular events where we aim to share our knowledge and have a little fun together. We’re always hungry to learn about new ideas and create forward thinking solutions.

We are looking for people who have an urge to win and are obsessed with what they do.
At Klarna we solve massive and complex challenges everyday. We want to provide our users with the a unique and smoooth purchase experience they never knew they needed and can’t live without. If you are passionate about creating great products that have the ability to change they way people buy, this is the place for you.

Work as a team.
We believe in power of teams to achieve our ambitious goals and cross-departmental collaborations is our way of working. We are looking for team players who understand that the best ideas are the result of working together towards a common goal.


Being a Klarnaut.


We empower our employees to achieve tomorrows ambitions, today.
Some say that one year at Klarna is five at another company. This is something we believe is true, and if it not it certainly should be. As a new starter you’ll be given a lot of responsibilities from day one. With Klarna you will grow in a pace you’ve never experienced before, being supported to take ownership and responsibility for your own development and career.

We like to have fun and celebrate successes.
We are all hard workers but never miss a chance to celebrate our achievements. This is mostly done through team specific events or special fikas, a typical Swedish tradition. As if that’s not enough, once a year we fly all employees from around the world to Stockholm for the yearly kick-off.

You will not be the smartest person in the room.
We know. It might be an unusual feeling for you but we have some of the brightest minds here. This is a good thing, you’ll be challenged on every level and learn a lot. For you, this will mean being constantly pushed to think outside of the comfortable box that other companies will have you operate within.

Clearly see your business impact and the value you bring to the table.Operations icon
All of our individual employee goals are clearly linked to the overall business agenda. Here you will have a tangible impact on the bottom line and transparency in how you, and your team, contributed to our success.

You will make friends with people from all around the World.
Being a part of a multi-national, global company means you will make friends with people from all around the world. We have over 50 different nationalities and are working in 18 different markets. Hearing different languages at the water cooler is commonplace. As a Swedish company with English as our corporate language you will need to get used to some Swenglish.


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