Always wanted to know the secret ingredient of a successful team? Hagai Levin, Software Engineer and Scrum Master at our Tel Aviv office has the answer!

Here is a piece on this subject from his blog:

When people ask me about my job I always tell them that I love it. I thought I had a good idea why, but I had only recently realised one of the main reasons.

I used to think that it’s for the obvious reasons  — The fact that I do something I love, being surrounded by very talented people, getting to work on cool products and be a part of a successful company. And maybe most importantly the feeling that I’m doing something important and that I actually make a difference – “having a sense of purpose”.

Well, that’s great, but these all apply to my previous working place as well. Yet I didn’t feel the same way and I wasn’t as motivated as I am today. Why? What’s the secret ingredient? Taking a step back and looking at my office from the side revealed the answer. Are you ready for it? It’s quite simple actually.

Read the full blog post here!

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