This September Klarna Engineering hosted The KonferenSE 2016 – its second annual conference. More than 350 Klarnauts gathered from around the world to share their knowledge, experience and ideas. With 14 full length talks, 9 lightning talks and 4 workshops, there was plenty to choose from.

The KonferenSE is a great opportunity to learn about technologies and architectures that your colleagues are using, to share war stories and best practices and to learn about Klarna systems you aren’t familiar with from the inside. It’s also a chance to get to know colleagues that you don’t have the opportunity to work with day to day.

This year the KonferenSE included two bonus workshops the day before the main event: Rendesvouz (AKA ‘render views’), Klarna’s Front-End unconference and a full day ‘Self Organisation’ workshop from Joseph Perline, a visiting speaker. Our other external speaker was Dave Farley who gave a fantastic keynote on Farley’s Laws and the Scientific Method, check it on our YouTube channel or below. We also had a surprise visit from Philippe Wimard, our incoming CTO.

What else was new this year? Aside from the awesome retro gaming theme, soundtrack and swag, all the engineers left with a subscription to Safari Books Online. We also had more participants visiting from other departments, and every speaker was offered professional speaker training and photography.

Our Engineering conference is an excellent case study of how things work at Klarna: Two Engineers had a crazy idea (getting everyone together in Stockholm for a full day conference), they were given a budget within a week, put together a team and published a CFP which got an enthusiastic response from engineers keen to share. A few months later the first KonferenSE took place.

To see what you missed take a look at the agenda and keep an eye on our YouTube channel, where we’ll be uploading the videos over the next two weeks.


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