“One of the best days in my life”,  “It was great”, “Great Party”,  “Awesome”, “Best kick-off ever”, “It was perfection”, “Thank you for a fun day”, “Thank you Klarna, I had the time of my life!” 

These are just a few comments that we received after the kick-off this year.

Here at Klarna we’re a global company where different departments and offices work closely together. The kick-off is one day of the year where everyone gathers together. It’s one of the many things we do to show our appreciation for everyone’s hard work throughout the year.

The kick-off is a great tradition here. This is why we put so much time and effort into it. We begin planning the next kick-off as soon as the previous one has ended. Every year provides us with more of a challenge to find a great location, as we’re always growing in size.

Over time, the concept of the Klarna kick-off has changed and grown with the company. In the early years the kick-off always fell on a Saturday, involving just a few hundred people, with the night spent out in the countryside. During the day, people partook in a range of activities culminating in a dinner and party for everyone. Today, over a thousand people attend our kick-offs, hailing from all over Europe and the US, meeting together in Stockholm on a Friday morning then spending the day taking part in different pursuits, with a party to round off the day.

The day’s activities have varied over the years; from treasure hunts across the city, to customized board games. This year we invited everyone to an amusement park (Gröna Lund) in Stockholm, allowing you to enjoy as many rides as you so desired. We tried a new concept this year, creating different “worlds” that you could visit. Each world had it’s own theme, food and specialized bar. On stage there were different DJ’s and performers, giving you reason to dance all night.

One thing that never changes with the kick-off is the costume party in the evening. By dressing in costume we erase boundaries between departments and sub-groups of individuals, creating an open and fun atmosphere. Employees start to plan for their costumes months in advance, and create truly original designs.

Will we see you at the next Klarna kick-off?


This is the team behind the kick-off, Office Management.


The winners of the costume competition 2016. The team called White Trash won 3D action figures of themselves. 


Last years dinner in Stockholm.


See more pictures under our hashtags #insideklarna and #kko16

/Alexandra Vansulin, Office Management

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