Hi Lina! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Lina, 28 years old and originally from Gävle. I studied Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH in Stockholm and worked in digital media for a year before joining Klarna 12 months ago. My colleagues would describe me as efficient, good at figuring out what’s important and focus on solving that. They’d also describe me as fun and easy to talk to.

Other skills – I used to compete in track and field. I’ve arranged a few Women in Tech events, and I have very poor sense of smell (yes, I insist on calling it a skill and not a handicap).

What are you working with here at Klarna?

Within Credit Risk, we take data from different sources and apply models for automatically deciding if you are credit eligible or not at the time of purchase. Business Analysts in Credit Risk make sure we make smart credit decisions so good customers can benefit from our credit products while we avoid offering credit options to people that we believe cannot afford it. This is the very core of Klarna’s business model and, in this sense, working in Credit Risk gives you the chance to have a direct impact on the company’s bottom line.

When I first joined Klarna it was mainly about the analytics; digging into and optimizing data sets. I learned a lot about what drives the business and how we can improve our credit risk decisioning. At Klarna, you’ll get thrown into things quickly, so there is a steep learning curve. Now I have a better understanding of the business and how Klarna works, I’m working on new initiatives, problems that are particularly tricky, and ideas that span across several regions.

Credit Risk is a complex area, you’ll face new challenges all the time, things like understanding our data infrastructure, or figuring out how JavaScript works, to finding out what regulatory requirements exist for a particular product or market. The challenge is that there’s always so much to learn, you’re always learning here at Klarna.


What projects are you involved in now?

We recently launched a new credit product in the UK, a totally new market for us. Launching new products requires different teams to work together efficiently. We needed to build a credit policy for the automatic credit risk decisioning process, so we worked with Engineering on putting the right data infrastructure in place, we sourced new external data sources, built fraud detection systems and ensured compliance from a regulatory perspective. I was working on bringing all the different components together for the launch, there’s still a bit of tweaking do but we’re really pleased with what we’ve achieved so far.

I’m proud to work with such awesome people, both within Credit Risk but also across the rest of the company. I’m amazed that we always seem to find good solutions to the most complex problems and we always manage to keep up the good spirit.

Lastly, here are 7 quick questions!

  1. What do you think differentiates Klarna from other similar companies?
    The smart and fun people, the relaxed atmosphere and the can-do attitude – we’re all here to get stuff done.
  2. Favorite engineering/coding-related memory?
    I don’t have much experience with programming, but I remember a time when I needed to write some Javascript code, I asked Engineering to help out. They told me what I had already done was at least 80% Javascript, I was pretty happy about that.
  3. What are you doing to stay up-to-date with the latest technology?
    Personally, I’m very interested in the tech & start-up community, especially the Stockholm scene, and I listen to podcasts such as Breakit and DI Digital’s to keep up with what’s happening. I also enjoy attending tech conferences whenever I get the chance.
  4. Who is your role model?
    I admire different traits in many different people. If I have to mention one, I must say Jan Stenbeck – I really admire his ability to challenge the status quo and completely turn whole industries upside down. I also like Zlatan’s self-esteem. And Jane Walerud, Klarna’s first investor, for recognizing a great idea and using her expertise, network of skilled people and resources to help the idea take off.
  5. What’s your favorite travel destination?
    During my time at University, I went on an en exchange semester to Australia. While there, I travelled around as much as the my savings and student loans allowed, but I would really like to go back and see even more of this amazing country.
  6. Best book ever written?
    I just finished “Sapiens – a brief history of humankind”, which is a book that really puts your life into perspective. I recommend it to everybody, and would even go as far as saying that I think this is a book they should have all kids read in school. 
  7. Favorite quote/motto in life?
    “Even a pig can fly if it stands at the centre of a whirlwind” – Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Chinese tech company Xiaomi

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