Strength can be found in embracing and utilizing diversity. Encouraging this on a personal level and adoption into business life enables the possibility of progression and innovation.

Gathering those passionate about diversity and their ability to lead, Women for Leaders recently held a high energy event here at Klarna HQ. The inspirational “Taking the Stage” themed night was kicked off by Eva Ekedahl and Jeanna Rutherhill who welcomed Klarna’s very own female managers and team leaders, along with the Women for Leaders network.


We were lucky enough to have Anna Bellman provide great insight and advice throughout the evening. Discussion centered on how to confidently communicate in various settings, with concrete tools provided that encourage the “taking the stage” mentality with the use of verbal, vocal and physical exercises aimed at empowering the individual to drive a successful career.


Overall, around 100 women leaders came together. Made up of Klarna’s Executive X steering group, leaders throughout Klarna with a great turn out by the Women for Leader network the event proved to be an amazing success.


It can’t go without saying the night was topped off by the hugely impressive DJ skills of Fia Engström and Thea Moen Aars. If you’re in need of some top class DJ’s…. get in quick they’re booking out fast!

The overarching vibe of the night gave a sense of empowerment, with those involved set out to achieve positions of influence and gain recognition as the impressive leaders they are.


We now head into the exciting Women in Tech conference on March 8th which Klarna are privileged enough to not only take part in, but also sponsor. The event aims to celebrate the female talent in the tech industry with some of Klarna’s very own showcased, while also encouraging many more to join.

2017 proves to be a year of real progression. We can’t wait!

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