At Klarna we are focused on aligning the organization’s global mobility strategy with the business and talent objectives. Enabling current employees to develop and talent to be discovered, the evolution of global mobility has encouraged more individuals to seek employment and experiences outside of what was previously the accepted norm.


Boundaries have stretched, local turned regional, region to domestic. Now international employment and assignments are not only accepted career choices, but are commonly utilized avenues for talent identification and development.


Enhancing our global workforce and their families with a wide range of opportunities creates new perspectives and exposes our people to fresh ideas. Providing additional sources of inspiration continues to bring cross market and cultural knowledge to Klarna.

Providing spousal support for our expat population remains important. We believe that as an Employer it is important that we offer all spouses accompanying our employees to Sweden the opportunity to integrate into Swedish society, either via career coaching or by offering engaging activities.


Klarna has partnered with the International Dual Career Network (IDCN) here in Stockholm and we’ve encouraged all spouses to register and enjoy the opportunities this network will bring to their new life in Sweden.

Next up on the 9th of March, Klarna’s very own Jasmin Kesmez will co-host a workshop about how to create a winning LinkedIn profile. All participants will learn how recruiters in Sweden are using LinkedIn as well as how LinkedIn can be utilized for job searching purposes and networking.

We look forward to this event and the many more planned.

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