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Women in Tech STHLM ’17

Klarna are a main sponsor of the Women in Tech Stockholm 2017 conference and we’re proud to announce it! Being a main sponsor gives us the opportunity to inspire more women to be involved in tech […]

Women for Leaders | Leaders for Klarna

Strength can be found in embracing and utilizing diversity. Encouraging this on a personal level and adoption into business life enables the possibility of progression and innovation. Gathering those passionate about diversity and their ability […]

Train your brain with our puzzling challenges!

Solving difficult challenges is a big part of our everyday life here at Klarna. Changing an industry doesn’t happen over a day and requires a lot of bright minds. Dive into one of the problems presented below […]

Working with Scrumban on a mature project

Choosing an agile way of working is not always straightforward. My team, one of the backend teams working with payments, has chosen to work with a version of Scrumban. It’s a way of working that […]

The KonferenSE 2016

More than 350 Klarnauts gathered from around the world to share their knowledge, experience and ideas. With 14 full length talks, 9 lightning talks and 4 workshops, there was plenty to choose from.

The Secret Ingredient of a Successful Team

Always wanted to know the secret ingredient of a successful team? Hagai Levin, Software Engineer and Scrum Master at our Tel Aviv office has the answer! Here is a piece on this subject from his blog: […]

4th of July Celebrations

The Klarna U.S. office dressed in their most American attire to celebrate Independence Day, complete with jumbo pretzels and hot dogs! We even awarded “Best Dressed”.

Agile – not the technical stuff

What is Agile? Why do you want to be Agile? How should you do it? Uri Nativ our VP Engineering & Site Manager in Israel know a thing or two about being Agile…

Keeping Engineers up to date

The development of technologies moves fast and among the challenges Software Engineers faces, one of the hardest is to keep up to date with new programming languages, concepts, frameworks and tools. New technologies are arriving […]

Asos Tech Team

ASOS Tech team is rocking our t-shirts. Thanks for a great partnership!