We put a lot of effort into ensuring that everyone has a great experience when they explore the possibility of joining us. Our hiring process is designed to allow you to learn as much about us, as we learn about you.

How the process will be is depending on function. In general we are performing different tests as a part of the selection process such as personality and logical thinking tests. Further into the process we will also request you to do a background check.

We have a unique process for those of you who are in the process of becoming a part of our Engineering division. Learn more about it here: Engineering Interview Process

Preparations and dresscode
We love when you have researched our business, and demonstrate a strong understanding of what we do. At the same time, we want to hear about you. We recommend you to practice describing your skills, experience and passion in a compelling and succinct way. To ease your mind, our recruiters gathered some of the best tips for you here.

We do not have a specific dress code. In general it’s business casual but our advice is to wear what you believe is suitable for the position you applied for.

Read more frequently asked questions here.

Good luck!