Interviewing at Klarna Engineering

We put a lot of effort into ensuring that everyone has a great experience when they explore the possibility of joining us. Our hiring process is designed to allow you to learn as much about us, as we learn about you. How the process will be is depending on function.

Our hiring process for Engineering is as follows:

CV Screening 
We will look at your experience, your education and your skills. We don’t make decisions based on the CV alone. We hire people, not paper, so we will also look at open source projects, blogs, publications and your activities on StackOverFlow. If you are sending in a CV, feel free to brag about anything you have done outside of your day to day work. You will hear back from one of our Recruiters within 48h regardless if we decide to proceed or not.

Logic Test 
We have a logical thinking test which is consisting of 18 questions for which you have 15 minutes to complete. if you enjoy solving problems, we suspect you will enjoy this.

Call with a Recruiter 
You will have a Skype call lasting around 30 minutes with one of our Recruiters. We want to get to know more about you, your interests, motivation, ideal working environment and goals for the future. The Recruiter will of course give you an overview of the organisation, current projects, technologies we use and anything else you want to know about. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!

Engineering Manager interview (60 min Skype) 
The first interview with a Engineering Manager will focus on your ability beyond the core technical skills. How you work with others in team, your views on testing, continuous deployment and Agile methodologies. You can come by our office for this step if you are a local. Otherwise we will arrange this over Skype.

Technical Interview 1 (60 min Skype) 
Two of our Engineers will introduce themselves, brief you about what they do and then ask you to talk them through the architecture of the system(s) you are currently working in. Next you will work together on a short code refactoring exercise in a programming language you are comfortable with. We will discuss your experience of some of the ways we work and things like Test Driven Development and pair programming.

If you proceed in the process we will invite you to our headquarter in Stockholm for a full day with interviews, meet and greet.


Technical Interview 2 (60 min onsite)
During this session with two of our Engineers we will ask you to put on your architect’s hat and design a large scale system with us. Don’t be afraid to grab a whiteboard pen to sketch out the architecture and help us visualise all the pieces. Try to think about all the pieces needed to build a large scale web system, ask clarifying questions and feel free to express your creativity.

Engineering Manager Interview 2 (60 min onsite)
We take the hiring process very seriously and are committed to find you the best matching team. Therefore we would like you to meet two more of our Engineering Managers and we will cover similar topics as the first Engineering Manager Interview.

Technical Interview 3 (60 min onsite)
This is the final technical interview where you will meet two more Engineers. They will challenge your problem solving and logical reasoning skills. You will be asked to solve a coding problem using the whiteboard and you are free to use whatever language you prefer. At the end of the day we will have all the data we need to make a decision and we hope that you will too. If not, your Recruiter will be able to answer any other questions you have and we will provide you the answers within the next 24h.

If you are visiting from another country, we are happy to give you tips on what you can do during your stay in Stockholm.